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Children's Centre

Children's Centre

The Children's Centre of Sankt Peterburg Park Hotel is the perfect venue for children's parties and birthdays!
The spacious hall incorporates a playground and a bar counter for the parents with upholstered furniture. The Centre is designed for children of all ages and is furnished with tables for the youngest children, as well as for the bigger ones. The Children's Centre is equipped with a home cinema system. A large variety of cuddly toys and inflatable soft toys is also available. The hall can be decorated to meet your requirements, just ask the staff for assistance. The restaurant kitchen and the confectioner's shop cater for a really enjoyable party. We offer a vast selection of birthday cakes for children in a wide range of decorations for a truly unforgettable festive occasion!
Opening hours: 09:30 – 21:00

Tel.032/ 904 259,032/ 904 271, 032/904 293