About Plovdiv

Plovdiv is an administrative, economic and cultural center of Bulgarian south central region. The City is situated on the transcontinental road London - Isatmbul - Calcutta. It has population of about 360 000 people. Plovdiv is the second in size academic center in Bulgaria having 6 universities, centuries of historic traditions, remarkable archeological and cultural heritage. Situated on the typical seven hills, Plovdiv encompasses different cultural layers formed during Antique, middle Ages, Enlightenment and Modern times. Plovdiv is more ancient than Rome. The City interweaves many cultures and ages: ancient Thracian culture is combined with the antique Greek polis, the stronghold of Philip Macedonian is complemented by Slavonic culture; The influence of the Roman empire and Byzantium can be found too. The archeological findings from Minoan Crete age evidence that the city is as old as Troy. The Thracians fortified themselves on the Three Hills, which is today the cultural, and historic center called the Old city.


 International Fair - Plovdiv is the only fair organizing company in Bulgaria admitted as a member of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI). Seven of its events have fulfilled the high criteria and have been approved by UFI. These are the International Technical Fair, the International Consumer Goods and Technologies Fair, the specialized exhibitions AGRA; VINARIA; MEDICUS, DENTO, GALENIA, PrintCom and Foodtech.

The Fairground is one of the largest exhibition venues in Southeast Europe. It is situated on area of 352,000 sq. m. The exhibition complex consists of 17 multifunctional pavilions best equipped for the arrangement and display of all kinds of exhibits. The exhibition area amounts to 159,100 sq. m., the indoor area is 64,500 sq. m. The modern Congress Centre of the International Fair Plovdiv comprises eight multifunctional halls with 20 to 550 seats. Another 12 halls in various pavilions are also available.

International Fair - Plovdiv provides its customers with appropriate conditions for business activities, identical to those offered by the most renowned European fairs.